The Indomitable Heavenly Jade Yeoh

Ass kicking Martial Arts Prodigy


Jade began training in the martial arts at a very young age, as many practitioners in the 1850’s juncture. At the age of 14 she realized her local instructors couldn’t teach her anymore so she left and began searching for a new master. Along her journeys she found a man claiming to be Wong Key-ying (Father of Wong Fei Hong) who taught her the Death Punch (Dim Mak).

Eventually she came across members of the Guiding Hand who sought to gain her as an ally. The groups leader tasked two monks Buckethead, and his friend the drunken master. Unfortunately The drunken master got sloshed and told Jade about a young Sifu Radiant Sun and how to find her. Traveling thru the netherworld she finally came to the present juncture where she eventually found Sifu Radiant Sun.

The Indomitable Heavenly Jade Yeoh

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